Eclipse shortcuts

Eclipse is a powerful ide, and there are a lot of keyboard-shortcuts which allows you to work fast and effectively wih it.

Learning these shortcuts isn’t easy, but there are some tips for learning and remembering them:

Eclipse-Plugin: Mousefeed, displays the shortcut for an action which you have done with the mouse

Eclipse-Shortcuts-list: Press STRG+SHIFT+L

have fun 😉

Reset forgotten Linux passwords

If you forgot your Linux password, you can change it – without any rights. This article shows how:

Therefore boot in the single-user-mode. To do so, just choose the „recovery boot“ kernel while booting.

There, you can choose to drop to a root prompt.

In this terminal, just type:

passwd <username>

or, to set the root password:


After changing the password, just type reboot, to start the reboot of the system.

You now can login with your new given password.

However, not all Linux distributions allow to modify your password that way.