Java OutOfMemory PermGen and Classloader leaks

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Nov 282011

Explanation of the PermGen (Permanent generation Heap)

Something about the java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space

SAP Transaction Codes

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Nov 282011

SAP Transaction Codes:

mm01 : Create material
mm02 : edit material
mm03 : Display material

Bill of Material
cs01 : create BOM
cs02 : edit BOM
cs03 : display BOM

Work Centers
cr01 : create work center
cr02 : edit work center
cr03 : display work center

ca01 : craete routing
ca02 : edit routing
ca03 : display routing

Routing Reference Set
ca11 : create Routing reference Set
ca 12 : edit Routing reference Set
ca 13 : view Routing reference Set

cc03 : show ChangeMasters

cv01(n) : create docs
cv02(n) : edit docs
cv03(n) : display docs

IDOC related transactions
we02 : show incoming / outoing IDOCs
we19 : IDOC Tool –> „restart“ of existing idocs

cr08 : Display hierarchy
cr23 : Display Work Center Hierarchy

Table related transactions
se16 : Show/edit table
se11 : Show data types
se37 : Show data types
sm30 : Show/edit table

se38 : execute functions / programms
we02 : show idocs
sm58 : check RFC Connection
sm59 : define Connections / Partners