SAP – See transports

To check the transports that were imported to a SAP System, you can have a look on the table TPALOG

Use transaction se16 or se16n to select the table and choose the selection criteria.
Request / Task is the Transport order
LastChangedBy is the person who created the transport order

Lotus Notes Basic – Set default internet browser

I switched to the Lotus notes Basic Client (uses less RAM, works faster), but I had the problem that I could not open web links out of emails.
I got always the Error: „Could not locate default program“

The problem was, that the path to the default web browser was not valid. I changed the default browser:

1) Lotus Notes : File -> Preferences -> Location Preferences
2) Click on Tab „Internet Browser“
3) check the default browser and the „Internet browser path“

Lotus Notes choose Default Internet Browser

Save and Close.

Done 😉