Sep 132012

Hi all,

with the terminal tool rdesktop you can directly open a RDP Connection to any windows system directly from you Linux or unix system.

rdesktop homepage:

On Red Hat 6 you can install it via yum (as root or via sudo):

yum install rdesktop

You should consider the following options:

-u (Username)

-p (password)

-f (FullScreen)

-g (Geometry , example: 1366×786 [consider the „x“])

– k (Keyboard , example -k de [de = German layout])

-z (compression, more faster UI)

Example command:

rdesktop -u Administrator -p myPass -z -k de -g 1366x768

You can also create a Desktop Launcher:

Right Click -> Create Launcher:



There is also a very comfortable tool for remote desktop called remmina:

Remmina :

Dont forget to also install „remmina-plugins-rdp.x86_64“ otherwise you can not select RDP when trying to connect via Remmina to a Windows Server

Further packages:




Thanks to Timo for this advice 🙂


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