impress.js – Slideshow based on html and css

A few months ago, I found a very cool project for creating presentations that you can „run“ in modern browsers. Some days ago, I stumbled again over this project and I decided to write a short article about it.

You can find the project impress.js here:

Impress.js is similar to the idea of prezi, where you can build and give your presentations in a browser. impress.js is based on html, css and javascript. There is no „typical“ documentation, but you can find all the necessary information inside the very good source code documentations and comments. You can place your slides on a huge canvas, moving the „camera“ on the single slides, zoom in and zoom out, sliding in various directions and also doing some transitions. See the link above for a short demonstration of the power of impress.js

For sure, this project will never replace the standard solutions for building presentations (like Powerpoint) because you need at least some basic html and css skills. But for text-based presentations I think it’s a very cool tool which will impress your audience.