Jan 252017

Sometimes host key verification fails because the host was replaced, IP has changed or something like this (also it could be a man in the middle attack).

In my case I work with high availability clusters and we often have the case that there is switch of the host. To avoid manual editing of the .ssh/known_hosts file I have written a simple bashrc alias / function.

#simple function to remove a line from .ssh/known_hosts
    if [ x$1 == x ]; then
        echo "Syntax : cleanup_known_hosts Linenumber"
        \cp ~/.ssh/known_hosts ~/.ssh/known_hosts_backup.$$
        sed $1'd' ~/.ssh/known_hosts > /tmp/known_hosts_temp.$$ && \cp /tmp/known_hosts_temp.$$ ~/.ssh/known_hosts
        rm -f /tmp/known_hosts_temp.$$
        echo "Finished"
alias cleanup_known_hosts=cleanup_known_hosts

With small adoptions you can use this function for all situations where you have to remove a given line in a file.

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