Jan 182019

To connect your Synology Diskstation with your OpenVPN Server you can import your ovpn-Config file. In my case (authentication via certificates) I had to include/embed my certificates directly into the config file.

It is described here: https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/wiki/Openvpn23ManPage#lbAV

Another usefull post (but not needed if you include the certs, keys, tlsauth in your ovpn-config file): https://robert.penz.name/772/configure-a-synology-nas-as-openvpn-client-with-certificate-authentication-and-make-it-stable/


dev tun
proto udp
remote testserver.com XXXX
resolv-retry infinite

	// place the content of your ca.crt here
	// place the content of your xxx.key here
	// place the content of your xxx.crt here
	// place the content of your xxx.tlsauth here

remote-cert-tls server
key-direction 1

verb 4


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