Install HP Printer (MultiFuncion Device – MFD) DeskJet 3050a on RHEL / Linux

For RedHat Enterprise Linux you need to install HPLIP manually:

There is also the link to download the hplip-3.12.11_rhel-6.0.x86:64.rpm package.

Impotant: The hplip version that is provided by the RedHat Package manager is in version 3.10.9. That version DOES NOT support the DeskJet 3050a!

I used the installation manual from the link above. At Step 3 (Installing rpm package) I got the error :

file /usr/lib64/ from install of hplipfull-3.12.11-0.x86_64 conflicts with file from package hplip-libs-3.10.9-3.el6.x86_64

To solve this, I used the –replaceFiles parameter:

HP Lip

Then run

sudo hp-setup

Then you can find the printer by specifying the IP:

HP Device Manager - Setup

HP Device Manager - Setup

Using HP Printers and MultiFuctionDevices (MFD) with HPLIP

I am using an HP Deksjet 3050 with the HP-LIP tool. I already described how to install an HP Printer, now I would like to show how to use that printer / MFD with the HP-LIP tools.

There are several ways to use the device. You can use the commandline, a web browser and the standard linux printing features. I will start with the command line.

Command Line features

You can see all the available commands:

HP-Lip commands
HP-Lip commands

You can find an overview and description on this website:

The command hp-scan allows you to directly scan from the command line.

The command hp-toolbox command starts a graphical user interface which allows you to see the status of your device, change settings, clean cartridges, etc.:

HP Device Manager - HP Deskjet 3050 j610 Series
HP Device Manager – HP Deskjet 3050 j610 Series


Web based Features

Another way to use your device is the web based user interface which is provided by the device itself. Open the IP Address of the device (in my case:  and you can see the following screen:

HP Web Based User Interface
HP Web Based User Interface

Install HP Printer (MultiFuncion Device – MFD) on RHEL / Linux

I have a HP DeskJet 3050 (j610 Series) and I am using RHEL 6. I tried to install the hplip from the HP website, but it wasn’t working for me:

So I installed hplip via the RHEL package repository:

sudo yum install hplip hplip-gui hplip-common hplip-libs

This command also installed all the required dependencies:


After that I installed the printer via the command

su -c "hp-setup"

This opens an graphical user interface to install the printer. The network search did not find my printer, but when specifying the IP Address it was working for me:

HP Device Manager - Setup
HP Device Manager – Setup
HP Device Manager - Setup_2
HP Device Manager – Setup_2
HP Device Manager - Setup_3
HP Device Manager – Setup_3

Now you can use your new HP Printer. In another article I describe how to use the HP MDF with Linux.